Staying Local? Focus on These 5 Things

We know this is a wonderful area. We are natives of Southern Utah and we can tell you firsthand about what makes this place so special. The red rocks at dusk, the sunsets, the amazing outdoor adventures, the sense of community, and, most importantly, the people who call this place home.

If you need to move but you’re staying local, there are some things you can do to make the process easier.

1. Give Yourself Time to Plan

Whether you are moving to a larger place or downsizing, start the packing early. If you are using a moving company, contact them early in the process and make sure your selected date is reserved. If you are doing it yourself, start packing as soon as you finalize your closing date. You do not want to be forced to make a decision about whether or not to keep a certain family heirloom as you are loading boxes into a van.

2. Be Ready to Pack

Again, this falls under planning and timing. Load up on boxes and packing supplies. Get as many as you think you need, then get a few more. Now the work begins. Not only do you have to pack, but you also have to determine what goes with you, what goes to a donation center, and what gets trashed.

3. Unclutter

It’s possible, even likely, you are not going to need everything you have. Find areas of the home where you can eliminate duplicates (start in the kitchen) and put the stuff you are not using in a giant “give-away” pile as you start to dejunk. Don’t let all the coronavirus-cleaning you’ve done go to waste. Start by putting it on the curb with a sign marked “free.” If it has anything of value, try to sell it on social media. If that doesn’t work, donate it. Someone, somewhere, can use it.

4. Room by Room

Boxes are packed, taped, marked, and ready to go. Since you’re moving locally, maybe it’s possible to make a trip to the new place with some more of the fragile items. When the big day hits, load up the van or truck room by room and unload in the corresponding room in the new location. That way, nobody is searching for a toothbrush or a set of pajamas.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Take the Easy Way Out

You don’t need us to tell you life is messy and complicated. If the move is overwhelming and something else is pulling you away, don’t be afraid to put some stuff in storage and make a decision later.

While all these tips can make the process more manageable, the easiest, most efficient solution that will create the least amount of stress will be to hire a professional moving company. At Dixie Moving & Storage, our local movers near you have 40 years of experience moving people and businesses across town and across the country. Our teams are hardworking professionals who will safely and securely move your belongings.

Let us do the hard work. Contact us to help with your next local move!