Packing and Moving Supplies for a Smoother Move

Packing materials are a crucial part of the moving process but often are neglected until the last minute. In a frantic hurry, individuals spend way more than they need to on an excess of supplies. Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, they don’t buy enough to keep their belongings safe during a move.

To help you get just what you need for less stress come moving day, be sure to follow these moving supplies tips and refer to our packing materials checklist below.

Buy Packing Tape Over Masking Tape

There are some major differences between the tapes you buy. While you may have masking tape on hand, it won’t provide the durability you need to seal cardboard boxes for moving. Be sure to purchase packing tape for boxes if you want them to transport heavy items without coming apart. For even sturdier packing, apply tape along box edges and in an “X” on the bottom.

Have a Marker on Hand

One of the keys to a smooth move is organization during packing. Having a marker to label boxes is one easy way to do that! Then boxes can be moved into your new residence room-by-room with a clear understanding of what’s already in the boxes.

Bubble Wrap, Packing Paper, or Moving Blankets?

Which are the best packing materials to keep fragile items safe during a move? The answer depends on the item. Generally, packing paper will be best for protecting smaller items like dishes and picture frames. The packing paper won’t take up much space, allowing more belongings to be packed tightly in less boxes.

Bubble wrap, on the other hand, is a good option for wrapping up larger items that wouldn’t fit in boxes, but still need protection, like lamps and larger electronics. Packing blankets can be saved for large furniture like couches that need some protection from getting beat up in a move, but won’t be sliding around in a moving truck.

Newspaper is Not a Good Alternative to Packing Paper

Newspapers may seem like a cheap substitute for brown packing paper, but the ink on the paper can stain belongings, especially ones with porous or white surfaces. If you’re trying to save on packing materials, contact Dixie Moving & Storage for affordable packing paper and other moving supplies in St. George, UT!

Know What Size Boxes You Need

Getting too many moving boxes in the wrong size is only going to cause problems. Just like not every roll of tape is made equal, neither are cardboard boxes for moving. The smaller the box, the heavier belongings should be that should go inside it.

So, for example, while you may be able to fit all the books from your bookshelf in a medium or large box, doing so may cause the boxes to tear or make them difficult to transport. Split books and other weighty items in between small boxes instead. Save large boxes for lighter items such as throw pillows or blankets and sheets.

Still need help? See our packing materials checklist below for additional suggestions on the moving boxes you may need.

Packing Materials Checklist

Even by following the tips of the trade, perhaps the biggest hurdle when moving is knowing just the right amount of packing materials to buy. Use our packing materials checklist as a general resource for knowing where to start when buying moving supplies for 1 to 5 bedroom homes.

1 Bedroom Home

  • Small Moving Boxes x 3
  • Medium Moving Boxes x 4
  • Large Moving Boxes x 2
  • Wardrobe Boxes x 2
  • Packing Paper (approx. 70 sheets) x 1
  • Bubble Wrap (approx. 200 sq. ft.) x 1
  • Moving Blankets x 4
  • Rolls of Packing Tape x 2
  • Packing Tape Dispenser x 1
  • Marker x 1

3 Bedroom Home

  • Small Moving Boxes x 6
  • Medium Moving Boxes x 12
  • Large Moving Boxes x 6
  • Wardrobe Boxes x 6
  • Packing Paper (approx. 70 sheets) x 3
  • Bubble Wrap (approx. 200 sq. ft.) x 2
  • Moving Blankets x 6
  • Rolls of Packing Tape x 4
  • Packing Tape Dispenser x 1
  • Marker x 1

5 Bedroom Home

  • Small Moving Boxes x 10
  • Medium Moving Boxes x 20
  • Large Moving Boxes x 12
  • Wardrobe Boxes x 10
  • Packing Paper (approx. 70 sheets) x 5
  • Bubble Wrap (approx. 200 sq. ft.) x 4
  • Moving Blankets x 10
  • Rolls of Packing Tape x 8
  • Packing Tape Dispenser x 1
  • Marker x 1

For more help, tips, and suggestions on picking the right packing materials, get in touch with Dixie Moving & Storage today, your packing and moving experts in St. George and Southern Utah!