What Goes Into a Quote for Moving Services

Moving is an expensive business overall so you want to make sure you’re getting a good rate from your moving company. Dixie Moving & Storage offers free quotes for any size of move anywhere in the world, from a local St. George move to a change in country or continent. Find out more about what goes into our quotes below, then give us a call!

Rates for Different Types of Move

We can’t give you a number without knowing more about your move. Here are some things that need to be taken into consideration when quoting how much a moving job will cost:

  • Distance – local moves are generally charged per hour while long distance may be charged by weight and miles.
  • Size of property and amount of items to be moved.
  • Number of people needed for the job.
  • Accessibility – stairs or elevators can require more equipment and effort from the movers, as will a long distance between the property and the moving van.
  • Oversize, specialty or bulky items such as hot tubs, safes, pianos and pool tables.
  • Addition of any packing materials.
  • Storage of items if needed.

Dixie Moving & Storage has decades of experience with moves in and around Southern Utah. Our experts recommend a home consultation to ensure an accurate quote and work out details for any extra packing supplies or hard to move items. We will then be able to give you a great quote with no surprises on moving day.

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How to Save Money on Your Move

There are a few things you can do to reduce your costs on moving day and make the process go a little faster. Here are our top tips for ways to save money on your move:

  • Declutter
    In advance of your move, get rid of all the things you don’t use and won’t need at your new place. Not only will you feel better and potentially earn a few dollars, less stuff means fewer boxes to pack.
  • Use your own packing supplies
    If you have the room, saving things such as appliance boxes can make it easier, safer and cheaper to move when it’s time to box them up again. You can also use things like social media to see if anyone local has spare empty boxes.
  • Move the smaller things yourself
    If you’re moving locally and already have access to your new place, you can fill up your boxes and start transporting smaller items on your own. If you’re super organized, you can unpack at the same time and then re-use the boxes for your next run.

Dixie Moving & Storage – A Full Service Moving Company

Once you’ve worked out what you’re taking, it’s time to call in the experts. While you can move some things yourself, Dixie Moving & Storage also provides a full packing and moving service meaning you don’t have to lift a finger if you don’t want to. Contact our team to get your quote and we’ll see you on moving day.

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