Shipping and Crating Services

What do you do when certain items don’t quite fit in a standard cardboard box or when the box won’t sufficiently hold a heavy item? Rather than risk the item falling around in a moving van or during shipping, the solution is often custom wooden packing crates. Dixie Moving & Storage can provide any size crate anywhere in the St. George or Southern  Utah area to help your next move go without a hitch.

For shipping and crating services in Southern Utah, Dixie Moving & Storage is the area’s trusted crating company. We create high-quality wooden crating for shipping, packing, and moving purposes in St. George, UT. Our crating company only uses the best materials to create sturdy moving containers for long distances and local moves.

These wooden crates are durable and custom-sized for your particular heavy or fragile item. They are each designed individually and may sometimes include straps or hooks to hold things down that could roll or slide when in transit. Depending on the items, foam cushioning, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and other packing materials may also be used. Unlike flimsy cardboard boxes, wooden shipping crates are durable won’t fold under pressure and can withstand being moved about.

As packing and moving experts ourselves, we know just how valuable wooden shipping crates can be. We’ll provide you with the best packing and crating services possible so that you won’t have to worry about shipping or moving your valuable item.

Why Order Wooden Packing Crates?

Some items just can’t be transported like others can. For proper protection, they may require a different treatment so as not to move around when moved or shipped. Belongings like musical instruments, statues and sculptural art, as well as ATVS and other vehicles can all be protected during shipping with custom, wooden packing crates from Dixie Moving & Storage.

Our crating company in St. George, UT makes each shipping crate custom-sized for every item. We will take the proper size dimensions for your item and construct a packing crate that can support its weight and size. Sometimes that will require extra lumber crossbeams to ensure total durability even under a heavy load. Whatever it takes to get your personal belongings or business products safely to their end destination, that’s our guarantee. Our crating service can:

  • Protect oddly shaped, heavy, and/or fragile items during shipping
  • Create custom wooden crating for safer transportation
  • Add crate support and inside padding and/or have straps included
  • Offer you affordable crating prices from local experts in St. George, UT
  • Bring over 40 years of packing and crating service experience to every job.

Order Custom Shipping Crates

Don’t just order wooden crating and moving containers from any crating company. Know that your belongings are protected and as secure as they can be with custom shipping crates from Dixie Moving & Storage. Call our wooden crating experts in St. George, Utah for packing and crating services today.


Crating Services St. George FAQs

How do I know if I need crating services?

If you have a valuable or fragile item to transport, we recommend using custom wooden crates to ensure the safety of the item. If you have an especially heavy item, we also recommend crating services as this prevents other items from getting damaged in transit. If you are insuring an item, custom wooden crates may even be required. And crating services aren’t just for moves. You can use wooden crates for items that are going into storage, too. Dixie Moving & Storage has warehouses in St. George, UT that you can use to store any crated item.

What happens to the crates at the destination?

The Dixie Moving & Storage team will unload and disassemble the crate before moving your item to its new location. The crates can then be removed or you can hold on to the materials for future use, just let us know!

How much does custom crating cost?

This depends on the size of the item. Please contact us for more information about our local crating services or fill in our online form for a free quote. Custom-built wooden crates are going to cost more than standard cardboard boxes but in the case of items that simply cannot be damaged, it’s more than worth it.