What do you do when items don’t fit in a standard cardboard box or when the box doesn’t sufficiently hold a heavy item? Instead of risking damage to your belongings, consider custom crating from Dixie Moving & Storage. Our custom-built crating solutions can protect your belongings for moves both near and far.

Before getting into tips in commissioning the perfect moving crates, it’s worth addressing why custom crating can be a safe, convenient, and even economic choice for moving families. Custom wooden crates are designed specifically with your belongings in mind. This overcomes the obstacle of trying to pack heavy objects in flimsy cardboard, and it calms the fear that the bustle of moving could damage a priceless item.

Here are 3 tips to consider when you’re using custom crates:

1. Consider What Needs Extra Care

When considering crating, you should first consider your belongings. What objects in your home are large, awkwardly shaped, especially important to your family, or expensive to replace? Such objects include artwork, family heirlooms (rocking chairs, dollhouses, etc.), musical instruments, favorite furniture, or even ATVs. Which objects deserve special crates is entirely up to you, but consider the following questions:

  • What items are too large or heavy to fit in a cardboard box, but wouldn’t be appropriate to keep in the back of a moving truck?
  • What assets would be the most expensive to replace, should they be broken or otherwise damaged?
  • What belongings would make you sad, should they not make it to your next home in one piece?

Considering the above questions should give you a good guideline about what to have specially crated. Custom-made wooden crates can save a lot of potential headache and heartache in the moving process. In protecting your belongings from damage, these custom crates can also be a good economic move!

2. Know Your Options

If you bring in professionals to assist in your crating needs, they will know how to best transport your belongings to their next home. That being said, knowledge is power! Knowing your options in custom crates can only help you.

Crates are designed with sturdy wood, ensuring that your belongings show up at your new home the exact way they left. In addition to wood, crating utilizes tools like custom-cut shapes, inner padding, and braces to protect the items beyond using peanuts and bubble wrap. On the outside, straps, hooks, and bracings help protect the item and make it easier to move. If there are certain elements you want as part of your crate, be sure to bring them up with our team.

3. Get Help

You have a lot on your plate while moving, and you don’t have time to worry about your grandma’s prized rocking horse breaking mid-move. For all your St. George and Southern Utah moving and crating needs, be sure to call Dixie Moving & Storage for help.

Our experts will create customized crates for your bigger prized belongings. Not sure if crating is the right choice? Contact us today for a free quote, and we’ll help you decide. We can’t wait to hear from you!