Professional Safe Moving Services

Gun safes can be a huge liability to move in the hands of the wrong movers. Their hefty, considerable size makes them near impossible to move without specialized equipment or trained gun safe movers.

When you’re moving homes, downsizing, relocating, or whenever you need to move a safe local or long distances in and out of St. George, call Dixie Moving & Storage. We have time-tested gun safe moving equipment, national and international resources, and over 40 years of moving service on our side. Our professional gun safe movers near you serve all of Southern Utah are trained and prepared to handle the secure transport of a safe in the best way possible.


What’s the Best Way to Move a Safe?

Speaking of, what exactly qualifies as the best way to move a safe? Not only do safes require specialized equipment, but they also require specialized care and attention from the movers. Some gun safes come in at over 1,000 lbs so safety is crucial no matter how near or far you are transporting the safe.

Our gun safe movers in St. George share some of their tips for gun safe moving:

  • Plan Ahead: This will be the most important step when moving a gun safe. Take the measurements of the safe and use them to map out your exact route. Plan for where everyone is going to be in tight corners, stairways, narrow doorways, and other challenging spots. Planning is key.
  • Remove Obstacles: As part of our planning, our gun safe movers will make sure the path is clear of any obstacles. That may include rearranging furniture or removing doors that cause obstructions.
  • Protect Surroundings: Secure moving blankets around the gun safe, especially its sharp corners, to help protect against scratching the wall. Placing floor runners on the ground can help from ruining flooring as well.
  • Don’t Do It Alone: Never attempt to move a gun safe on your own! Ideally, the best way to move a safe is with professional gun safe movers who can bring along extra hands, dollies, and other equipment to help with the safe moving process.

Contact Our Safe Moving Company Near You

Dixie Moving & Storage understands what makes gun safe moving challenging and how to remove the stress for our customers. Our goal is to help your move be as hassle-free as possible. See what our safe moving services the best in St. George and surrounding Southern Utah locations. Call us to move gun safes and other specialty items safely!