The Search for Packing Companies is Over

Packing up before a move is often the most time-consuming and most dreaded part of the moving process. In the hurry and hassle of packing everything up on your own, you may spend more money than you need on extra boxes and packing materials, struggle to stick to a schedule without an efficient system for packing, or damage items and your home in the process. But professional packing companies like Dixie Moving & Storage can help with all that and more!

Serving Southern Utah, Northern Arizona, and Southeastern Nevada, our packing company has been in business for over 40 years. With professional packers like ours, we’ll dramatically decrease the time spent packing up your home, apartment, office, or business. Even with our streamlined packing service, though, we make sure that your belongings are treated with the greatest care. Our packers and movers know the best packing materials and boxes for any item, and sell them at affordable prices.

From initial packaging to the final unloading, Dixie Moving & Storage will keep your move or transfer of items into storage organized and stress-free. Call our St. George packing company today to speak with one of our professional packers about receiving a free estimate.

Commercial and Home Packing Services

If you are relocating a long distance for a new job, or a few blocks away to a new home, moving is both exciting and overwhelming. However, moving is also stressful and problematic without the right packaging supplies and experienced packing company to help you out.

What exactly should you be looking for in a packing company?

Affordable Packing Materials

The price for the best packaging supplies can be expensive, but not with Dixie Moving & Storage. We sell affordable moving supplies and packing materials for residents in Southern Utah and surrounding areas on top of our professional packing services. We offer moving supplies that are sturdy enough to protect the most delicate items, like dishes, mirrors and electronics. These are not your run-of-the-mill or well-worn packing materials. These are the best of the best for a safer move.

Organized Packing Services

From our years of service, our packing company has learned the best way to pack belongings for an organized and stress-free process. Our professional packers and movers will strategically use moving boxes to place your things according to the room they belong in making unpacking a breeze. We’ll mark boxes to go in their assigned room and label other boxes as fragile to save time upon arrival. We can help you organize your stuff into the right sized boxes for those items and streamline the moving process.

Specialized Packing and Moving Equipment

No job is too big for our packing company. We come with specialized hauling equipment for commercial and industrial items and large home furniture such as pianos and safes.

Years of Trusted Professional Packing Experience

Plus, we are one of the oldest packing companies in the area. Our tenure means we have extensive knowledge on our side and know what makes moving seamless and as easy as possible. We know the ins and outs of how to pack and transport items safely. Because we have over 120 years’ worth of experience in the industry, we only stock and utilize cardboard boxes of excellent quality that will stand up to the rigors of moving.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

As one of Southern Utah’s highest-rated professional moving companies, we know the value of taking care of our customers through the entire moving process. So, whether you use Dixie Moving & Storage for packing and moving services, as a storage solution, or for buying moving boxes and supplies, we have you covered.

Get Packing Materials and Supplies for Your Next Move

Moving is made easier when you have the right packing supplies to efficiently transport your belongings from one place to another. Whether you need sturdy moving boxes or bubble wrap, Dixie Moving & Storage provides customers with the products they require for a smooth transition. Our moving supplies are also great in that they protect your possessions from damage as they’re being packed up and shipped out. You can count on us for packing boxes and other materials on your next big move.

If you’re looking for moving supplies, you’ll find exactly what you need with our line of packing boxes, packing paper, and padding. No matter what types of items you’re moving, we carry a variety of boxes in our inventory to accommodate your belongings. You can avoid causing damage to your stuff, the floors, or walls in your residential or commercial building when you use the right packing supplies and equipment. Moving boxes are essential, but there are many other types of packing supplies that do their part in making an efficient transition. Protect your hardwood floors from scuff marks and your things from damage by using the proper packing materials.

Our convenient locations near you carry a wide inventory of useful moving supplies. So streamline the hauling process and get your items packed the right way! Visit us in Mesquite, NV or Cedar City, Washington, or St. George, UT to see which products we have in stock.


Packing Guide

Knowing where to begin when it comes to packing up your home is no easy feat. Luckily, our professional packers and movers in St. George, UT have a few packing tips to share.

For starters, when you pack your items, consider the floor plan of your new home. Organize your items based on the rooms that they will be placed in upon delivery. This will make the unpacking process more efficient.

During your move, It is important to use the correct packing materials needed to protect your possessions. This will alleviate any damage during transit. Bekins recommends using various size cartons for specific items.

As one of Southern Utah’s leading professional moving companies, we know a thing or two about how to pack your belongings. Knowing how many boxes to buy and in what sizes can be tricky. You don’t want to overspend or purchase boxes that are of no use.

To make sure you buy the correct sizes of packing boxes in the quantities you need, we have provided a few guidelines to consider:

Book cartons (1.5 cu. ft.) are small, easy to handle cartons designed for heavy items like books, CDs, DVDs, and small, heavy items. Be sure not to overload the carton, as it may become too heavy for handling. Be sure to individually wrap any very old or valuable books.

Medium cartons (3 cu. ft.) have a wide range of uses for smaller items throughout your home. This size box is ideal for small appliances, tools, non-perishable food, or clothing. Packing similar items together will make unpacking easier.

Large cartons (4.5 cu. ft. to 6.5 cu. ft.) are very useful for packing lightweight, bulky items such as pillows, linens, and large toys. Be aware that you do not want to overpack these boxes because they will quickly become heavy and cumbersome to move.

Dish packs are especially sturdy cartons for fragile items such as china, glassware, figurines, and sculptures. These cartons are reinforced with cellular inserts to further protect items such as crystal stemware. Each carton should be labeled, “Fragile – This End Up” to avoid damage.

Upright cartons are used for lamps, statues, and other items that require a special size.

Wardrobe boxes are “portable” closets used to move your clothing from your closet. Clothing remains on hangers so that they stay wrinkle-free and clean.

Mirror/Picture cartons are specially designed telescoping cartons that fit mirrors, pictures, and glass tabletops exactly.  Each carton has heavy corrugated braces that reinforce each corner.

Mattress cartons are available from crib to king mattress sizes and they will protect mattresses and box springs from dirt and tearing and help provide structural support to avoid bending.

Packing Paper should be unprinted and used for wrapping and padding.

Please be aware that your electronic equipment may require special preparation. Be sure to detach all cords and wires and keep them in a labeled bag so that you know where they belong. When moving computers, scanners, or printers, be sure to detach cords and wires, paper trays, etc, and label all cables and wires for easy re-assembly. Be sure to use well padded, sturdy cartons to cushion the equipment. Mark these items as “Fragile.” Flat screen TVs (plasma screens, LCDs, or LEDs) will require extra padding and protection. If possible, pack it in its original carton. If these cartons are not available, consider crating the item prior to moving day. Dixie Moving & Storage can help with your custom crating needs so that all items receive the proper packaging.

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Dixie Moving & Storage provides customers around the Mesquite, NV and St. George and Southern Utah area with packaging supplies, professional packing services, and other affordable moving solutions. Rely on us for all your packing and moving needs, from providing hauling equipment and sufficient moving boxes to transporting items to your new place.

Ensure that your property will make it in one piece to its destination and will be accounted for once it arrives with help from our professional packing company. Come visit us in-store or call us at 435-628-2281 with any questions.