In It for the Long Haul: 5 Ideas to Make a Long Distance Move Easier

Moving is always a major undertaking, but moving a long distance comes with a special set of challenges. There are a lot of variables that go into a move like this, but there are some universal strategies you can utilize to make it as easy as possible. Here are five tips that we at Dixie Moving & Storage have developed over 40 years of transporting and moving homes and businesses long distances.

1. Clutter is the Enemy

Declutter and then declutter some more. If you have lived somewhere for any length of time, chances are you have accumulated a bunch of stuff you probably don’t need and may not even use. A major cleanup at the beginning of the process will be helpful when you finally start packing boxes.

Moving across town is a big deal. Moving a long distance is a serious life event and if you can leave something behind, do it. That one item that you’ve been telling yourself might come in “handy one day” can likely be given away or donated.

2. Make a Plan and Try to Stick to It

There will be bumps in the proverbial (and literal) road to your new place, but part of a successful move is having a plan. Remember the old saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” That’s never more true than during a long distance move.

Create a master list of every single thing you need to do between now when you first start to move to when the keys turn in the ignition and you begin the trek to your new home. If you’re doing the driving, plan stops along the way and where you might be able to stay for a night. If you’ve hired a company, make sure they know specifics—not just the address, but anything they might need to know about the area or the location.

3. Pack It Up

Load up on boxes and packing supplies. Don’t forget the tape and markers. Get as many boxes as you think you need, then get a few more. Now the work begins. Not only do you have to pack, you have to determine what goes with you on the long haul, what goes to a donation center, and what gets trashed. Hopefully, you’ve uncluttered so you have a fairly firm idea of what you’re taking, but don’t be afraid to use this time to carefully load your boxes and carefully unload what you might not need.

4. Go With the Flow

At some point, something won’t go according to plan. This is not a catastrophe, just something to be expected. Our teams at Dixie Moving & Storage have literally seen it all when it comes to moving. Even the most well-organized people with the most detailed and exhaustive strategies will hit a snag. Be ready for it and be ready to react in a way that works with your plan.

5. Be Ready to Say Goodbye

The plan is made. Boxes are packed. The truck is loaded and you are ready to pull out. Now is not the time to look back. Now is the time to move forward. Our moving teams have seen the entire range of emotions when it comes to leaving. For some, this can actually be the hardest part. Give yourself a moment to say goodbye and then head out!

Following these tips will make a world of a difference, but for a long distance move with the least amount of hassles and hiccups, do yourself a favor and hire long distance movers near you. For those living in St. George or surrounding Southern Utah locations, Dixie Moving & Storage has got you covered!

We know how to avoid the setbacks that make long distance moving such a pain. Plus, we have nationwide and international resources as a Bekins Van Lines agent to keep your belongings in the best hands no matter how far they go. Give us a call for a free moving estimate and long distance moving services that can’t be beaten.