Must-Know Moving Tips for Senior Citizens

Whether you’re moving into a fancy home by the beach or downsizing to a retirement community or assisted living facility nearby, moving day is always complicated. Fortunately, utilizing a bit of insight early in the process can help the day run more smoothly. For seniors especially, it’s important to play ahead so that moving day is as safe, comfortable, and easy as possible.

1. Inventory Your Belongings

A few months out, do a quick inventory of your belongings, and make a note of your most important and valuable possessions– you may consider packing these up ahead of time, as well as any crucial documents, to make sure they’re unaffected by the last-minute shuffle. Sorting through items you’ve had in your possession can be nostalgic, so if there’s anything you can’t part with that won’t fit in your new space, make arrangements to give it to a family member or place it in long-term storage.

2. Research Moving Companies

You’ll also want to receive a quote and book a moving company early, since high-demand weekends will fill up fast—generally two months out is a good timeframe. If possible, find a company that specializes in senior moving, since with this kind of service, you can ensure the moving staff you’ll be working with are kind, considerate, accommodating, and trustworthy. Click here for more information on the specialized services a high-quality moving company can provide for senior citizens.

3. Create a Health Plan

If you’re moving any significant distance away from your current place of residence, you’ll want to have a plan in place when it comes to your medical care.

Transferring medical records can sometimes be an arduous task, so get in contact with your doctor to see what that will entail. Your medical providers will also be able to provide recommendations for packing medications and possibly also for providers in the area you’re moving to.

4. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to celebrate your move—it’s exciting! Get to know your new neighborhood, neighbors, and opportunities for recreation and community involvement. Enjoy your new phase of life.

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