A Helping Hand With Large Objects

Did you know that you can hire Dixie Moving & Storage to help with tasks other than just packing and moving? You may not have realized but moving companies have the knowledge, equipment and people power to tackle other jobs such as junk removal, home delivery and furniture moving and rearranging. Whether it’s in a large office space or just within your own home, contact Dixie Moving & Storage for a professional helping hand.


Help with Heavy Items

If you’re having trouble moving a sofa, sideboard, bookcase or bed, call the professionals furniture movers at Dixie Moving & Storage. We can help take the load off and move anything anywhere you want it to go, even up and down the stairs. You can rest easy knowing that we’ll take great care of your belongings and your walls and floors! We are experts in moving large items such as kitchen goods, gun safes and pianos so save yourself the stress and the backache and leave the heavy lifting to us. We can move things within a room, within a building or even take them away for you altogether.

Furniture Rearranging and Home Staging

Even if you’ve been in your house for years, there still come times when you want to change the layout of a room, buy new furniture or decide to move some heavy things into storage. Or maybe you’re in the process of selling and need some help moving things around or bringing in temporary pieces to show your property at its best. Whatever the scenario, Dixie Moving & Storage can send in the professionals to put things where they need to be.

Apartment to Apartment Moving

If you’re moving between units in the same building, you won’t need a moving truck but you will need at least one extra pair of hands. Hiring a moving company to handle your bigger, bulkier items will save you time and effort and get you settled in your new apartment in no time. Contact Dixie Moving & Storage about any type of move in Southern Utah.

Call the Professional Furniture Movers

When it comes to rearranging and moving furniture, it can be tempting to do it on your own but this can often result in damage to the floors, the item itself and sometimes even to you. Hire a company with all the necessary equipment and skills to move your heavy, awkward or delicate things with ease.

Dixie Moving & Storage is a full service moving company, offering customers a wide variety of assistance from moving a single piece of heavy furniture inside a room to moving all your belongings across the world. Our friendly team will give you the best quote for your specific job so don’t put it off, get in touch for our expert services today.