How To Move Out of State

People move for all sorts of reasons: a new job, a change in financial situation, to be nearer (or further from!) family, or just to try a new lifestyle. Whatever the reason, moving to a new state can be a big change so you need to get organized to make the process as smooth as possible. Dixie Moving & Storage has been operating in Utah for decades, helping newcomers move into our state, as well as providing services for when people leave for new adventures out of state. Here are our top tips for things you should keep in mind when relocating to another state.

Pre-Move Planning
Moving out of State Image

Unless you’re living that van life, you need to do better than just turning up in a new state and hoping for the best. Taking care of the most important things in advance will keep stress levels down, as well as giving you a good base to start from. Here’s what you should do at a minimum when moving out of state:

  • Find somewhere to live
    It might sound obvious but unless your new place is move-in ready, you may need to spend a few nights somewhere else. Book a hotel, find a place with friends or have a short-term rental in place before landing in your new state.
  • Get a job
    A lot of people move because they’re relocating for work so this part may already be covered. If you’re just planning on finding something after you move, start looking at job ads and applying for things before you leave your old state. If you don’t have an income source in place when you move, you may run into problems.
  • Do some research
    Moving to another state might be your dream but any state is a large place with lots of different cities within it. Don’t throw a dart at a map, do some research on which area you want to live in. If possible, spend some time there in real life, getting your bearings and an idea of what it would be like to actually live there. If you’re not able to visit in advance, do some in-depth online dives, seeing what local residents have to say and looking up things such as weather, public schools, transport links and other amenities.
  • Declutter
    Do you really need those clothes you haven’t worn for ten years or that box of unread books? How about the things in your kitchen cupboards that have literally never seen the light of day or the exercise equipment that never even made it out of the box? A move is a good time to purge your belongings so you can travel lighter and maybe even make some money from the sales.

Get Organized

Any move is stressful but a move to a new state can be even more so. This is why you need to get all your ducks in a row before you travel so there are no last minute surprises.

  • Use an app
    There are plenty of free apps and organization tools you can use to plan your move and stay on budget. If technology’s not your friend, use a spreadsheet, write checklists or just put everything on a calendar.
  • Don’t forget the utilities and subscriptions
    Cancel or transfer any utilities and online subscriptions to your new address. Out of state moves may mean you need to set up accounts with new utility companies at the other end. Update your drivers license and set up a mail redirect with USPS to catch any address changes you might have missed.
  • Hire a professional moving company
    We’re biased, but hiring a professional moving company will save you time, energy and a whole lot of hassle when it comes to moving to a new state. Packing, storage, moving and unloading of all your household items will be taken care of for you and you can just concentrate on starting your new life.

Make Yourself At Home

Once you’ve arrived in your new state, take time to get to know your neighborhood and local amenities. You’ve moved here for a reason so make the best of it.

  • The internet is your friend
    Check out online reviews for local businesses and search for nearby things to do. You will be able to find the best your area has to offer as well as uncovering some hidden gems. Use your community to recommend the best dental clinics, doctors, hair salons and pre-schools in the area. See if your new neighborhood has a social media group page and join in advance to get to know some other residents and find out if there are any community rules and regulations you need to be aware of.
  • Get out in real life too
    Don’t just experience your new home from behind a screen. Walking or driving around your new place will help you get your bearings and you can work out the easiest commutes to work, school or the store to make your life easier. Visiting local cafes and restaurants will soon have you feeling like part of your new community.

As long as you have a plan in place, moving out of state shouldn’t be too difficult. Using a professional moving company can significantly ease the burden so if you’re leaving Southern Utah for pastures new, contact Dixie Moving & Storage for all your packing, storage and transporting needs.