Safe Moving Tips

Moving is stressful. Perhaps the most stressful part of the move is worrying about the heaviest or most delicate of your belongings making it to your destination in safety. But more importantly, we want you to be safe while packing and moving these objects. Sure, the movers at Dixie Moving & Storage can help move gun safes and other heavy cabinets like these, but getting them ready to move can be a bit dangerous. Here are a few ways you can move safes and other large items without causing damage.

Prepare Your Safe

Empty the safe completely. Move all your important documents, banknotes, guns, jewelry, cash, and any other valuables to a safer place. The safe is quite heavy on its own, so any way you can reduce the overall weight is a good idea. Not only will this ensure that anything inside of them will remain undamaged, but it will also help you maintain the proper center of gravity when moving. After all, any heavy “sloshing” inside is going to mean trouble when the time comes to move.

Make sure that the door of your safe is securely closed and locked. If the safe door suddenly swings open mid-journey, it could cause property damage, or worse, hurt someone. You could also take the door off altogether. Most doors can easily be taken off with a screwdriver and then later be put back again. Keep the screws and plates in a safe place.

Wrap the safe (and the door, if you’ve taken it off) in several thick blankets and secure the blankets using duct tape. This will keep your safe from getting dented or chipped on during the move.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

Moving objects like safes and cabinets can make anyone nervous, especially if you already have a hard time with joint pain or limited strength. Let’s face it: no one is meant to carry a two-hundred-pound safe on their own. That’s when you need to rely on tools to help keep you safe and healthy. We offer dollies (also known as hand trucks) for hefty items. Make sure you weigh and measure your safe before renting your dolly. It’s important to know the exact dimensions of your safe. You can also buy furniture sliding pads with rubber on top and plastic on the bottom for a nearly frictionless move.

Make sure the safe is securely strapped in and tied down when you put it on the dolly. The ties and straps should be secure enough that the safe does not move an inch. This is how you can easily move a safe down the stairs or upstairs, by using a portable dolly.

Lift with Proper Techniques

Boxes should never be filled with more than they are designed to carry, or too heavy for you to carry! But even moderately packed boxes can cause damage to the human body if lifted improperly. Don’t injure your back or your knees. The proper way to lift a hefty object like a safe is:

  • Get a good grip first. Wear workman’s gloves if you need more grip.
  • Lift with your back straight and use your strong leg muscles to lift upwards. If you have poor knee joints, consider wearing knee support braces.
  • Keep the weight centered to your body: center is parallel with your waist and shoulders and is close to your waist.
  • Never twist your waist or back trying to maneuver or grab a heavy object. This is perhaps the easiest way to injure yourself.

Plan an Exit Strategy

Plan out your entire route, from the room the safe is in to the moving truck outside. Measure all the doorways and halls. Protect the doorways where there is a possibility of the safe hitting the side. Have a lookout in front of you who can warn you and others of the safe on the move and clear the path if needed.

Keep Your Moving Lanes Clear

Moving a whole home’s worth of belongings and items means you will likely have a lot of boxes to pack and prepare for the moving truck. But that does not mean you should make your exit routes cluttered with your stacks of boxes and containers. No matter how much space you have available, make sure you keep your route spacious enough that you can carry anything you pack without fear of tripping and falling. This is a really easy way to injure yourself.

Load Your Safe using a Ramp

This is the last step on this side of the journey. Some moving trucks come equipped with a mechanized ramp that will make short work of your heavy safe. Ask your movers if they have one of these trucks available. If not, all moving trucks have a manual ramp that can be used to push the safe up using your trusty portable dolly.

Rely on Gun Safe Movers at Dixie Moving & Storage

A little anxiety is expected when working with any moving company. You will wonder: “Will the movers be gentle with my precious belongings?” Or worse: “What will I do if they break something?” Fortunately, you won’t have any problem working with Dixie Moving & Storage movers. With direction from you, our movers will lift and carry everything you own with professional care.

When it comes time to leave your home for a new adventure, give Dixie Moving & Storage a call. We can give you a free quote for the proper truck size and number of movers to make sure you arrive at your destination with all you own intact. We would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have!