Customers insist on conducting business with companies that have a quality measurement process in place.  Bekins has established several measurement programs to keep our customer satisfaction level high.

What does this mean to you?  It means that you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality relocation services for your transferees.

Performance Excellence

Bekins has defined metrics and has put together a Performance Excellence Program. This program allows us to measure our agents and service providers on nine specific standards.

One of the keys to our performance excellence is implementing successful training programs specifically designed for Bekins Drivers and Customer Service Associates.   Through this program, Bekins benchmarks and sets goals for our providers and incorporates these metrics into an incentive based program.  This assists us in recognizing our top service providers and implementing corrective action training programs for those falling below our standards.

These metrics are used to measure important processes including customer satisfaction, training for drivers and sales representatives, and claims performance.

Our Performance Excellence Metrics measure:

  • On-Time Performance including how we did on packing, loading, delivery, communication, invoicing and claims settlement.
  • Loss and Damage-Free Service measures the condition of the items shipped at origin or destination sites and determines that there was no loss or damage of items shipped.
  • Driver and Crew’s safety and appearance, organizational skills and their training and certification.

The Bekins Quality Index (BQI) was developed as a tool to measure the quality of our service provided to our customers.  Information is downloaded into BQI for real time reporting.  All service providers are held accountable for their level of service.  Using a rating scale of 1 to 5, BQI measures a customer’s satisfaction with the salesperson, communication with thier move team, packing services, driver, and overall customer satisfaction.  All results are published quarterly and submitted to our clients for review.