Where would I go to request an estimate for my International move?
To request an estimate, please use our online form.

How and when should I arrange for relocation services?
Bekins International is able to process shipment information on short notice but would prefer a window of about 4 to 6 weeks prior to the relocation date. This will allow us to schedule an in-house visual survey, prepare an initial quotation and schedule sufficient time to pre-plan the move management of your shipment.

What is an in-house estimate?
The in-house estimate is a walk through of your home by a Bekins International representative who will estimate the weight and volume of what will be moved. The in-house estimate gives us the opportunity to recommend the services best suited to your specific needs. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to fully explain the international logistics involved in moving your possessions to your final destination.

As a shipper, what am I responsible for during the moving process?
Your Bekins International Representative can provide you with the general guidelines regarding destination entry requirements and will be able to answer any questions you may have. However, you should contact your local consulate or the embassy in Washington D.C. to verify all of the requirements.

Additionally, you should read the inventory form carefully, and ask your Bekins International representative to explain anything you don’t understand. Also, please ensure that no prohibited items are packed.

How can I determine the taxes for which I will be responsible for?
Your Bekins International Representative will provide general guidelines regarding duties and taxes. However, used household goods and personal effects are allowed to enter most countries without significant duties or taxes. Official information can be obtained by contacting the Consulate or Embassy of the destination country.

Are there items I can not bring with me?
Your Bekins International Representative will supply you with customs regulations for your destination country. This customs information page will list certain items that are restricted or prohibited by your destination country.

What mode of service will Bekins International use to transport my shipment?
Bekins International provides international household relocation services utilizing lift vans, steamship containers and air freight boxes. Lift vans are large wooden shipping crates that can be handled with a forklift. We expertly prepare and pack these wooden crates so as to reduce the possibility of damage. Steamship containers (steel ocean containers) come in a few sizes that we will match to your specific need. Containers have a capacity of approximately 1100 cubic feet to 2400 cubic feet. Airfreight service usually consists of smaller or more time sensitive shipments.

How is my shipment packed?
Your household goods are carefully wrapped, padded and packed; and each piece of furniture is wrapped completely in protective materials.

Can I pack some of my items myself?
Yes, however please keep in mind that packed by owner shipments or “PBO’s” can not be fully insured. Bekins International recommends that if you do wish to organize certain items, leave the packed boxes unsealed for our crew to inspect the contents and their condition and make the proper entry on the packing inventory.

What insurance services does Bekins International provide?
Bekins International has established a select offering of insurance plans so as to be diverse enough to provide coverage to each of the transferees who use our services.

  • Full Replacement Value Coverage – You can purchase insurance coverage for the full value of your belongings which includes protection for any damage incurred during shipping, but to qualify for the coverage, Bekins International must professionally pack and unpack the goods at both points. Contents should be insured at their replacement value. This service is available with or without a deductible.
  • Released Value Coverage – Released value means that in opting for no insurance coverage you receive the base coverage provided for in maritime law. This provision is currently $0.30 per pound per article.
  • Extensions – An extension is an addition to the base coverage that will cover mechanical and electrical derangement, pairs and sets or mold and mildew. Bekins International can provide these coverage’s for a nominal charge. Some international forwarders can not or do not extend these types of coverages for your shipment.

Your Bekins International representative can provide additional assistance in selecting an appropriate insurance service for your shipment.

Why should I buy insurance when my goods are packed professionally?
Bekins International has a very low claims ratio, which is a testament to the excellent service provided by our origin (packing) agents. However, insurance provides peace of mind when you consider that your international household goods shipment will travel a great distance, be exposed to multiple weather conditions and can be handled in a variety a different methods depending upon destination.

Can Bekins International provide storage for my household goods?
Bekins International can provide secure storage at both origin and destination. If your travels overseas are not permanent, you may choose to leave some portion of your household goods in storage. If you can not take possession of your items overseas until a certain date, we can arrange for storage at destination until you are ready for final delivery of your household goods.

How are moving costs calculated?
Moving costs are based on total volume and / or weight of your personal belongings. Even though exact volume cannot be determined until final packing is completed, our representative’s possess the necessary experience to provide an estimate that is as near as possible to the final cost.

Does Bekins International accept credit cards?
We accept any major credit card. Additionally, we accept cashier’s checks or certified checks.

Will a Bekins agent handle my shipment in the destination country?
Bekins Van Lines, has nearly 300 agents in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Our worldwide network consists of more than 675 business affiliates who maintain our stringent quality standards. One of our partners will be assigned as your destination service provider, who will be responsible for delivery to your new residence. Additionally, Bekins International and our partners are members of the Household Goods Forwarders Association, which is one of the largest international relocation trade organizations.

When will my household goods arrive at destination?
Some international destinations will have shorter transit times than others; however on average, delivery of a sea borne shipment is between 4 and 6 weeks; and an air freight shipment is between 1 and 2 weeks. We strive to be as flexible as possible and will work with you to provide a schedule that fits your requirements. Your Bekins International Representative will be able to provide you with a more accurate transit schedule based upon your specific situation.

Will Bekins International ship my vehicle?
Bekins International will ship vehicles to any country that allows importation. For the most part, importation of a vehicle is easy; however there are some countries that discourage importation and assign high duties and taxes. Your Bekins International representative can provide guidance or you can contact the destination country Consulate or Embassy. Items needed to ship your vehicle include providing the original title, as well as the year, make, model, color and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the automobile.

How do I make arrangements for the family pet?
Since every country has its own regulations regarding the importation and handling of pets Bekins International has teamed with a select network of specialists to assist in the handling and care of your family’s pets. For more information on moving with your pet please contact a Bekins International representative toll free at (800) 361-1266 or via e-mail.