US Customs Forms and Information

Bekins International provides the following US Customs information and forms. Each document is available to view or download using a *.pdf format.

To speak with a Bekins International representative, please call (800) 361-1266. From outside the USA, please call us collect at (708) 547-3250 Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Central Standard Time. Requests may also be emailed to info@bekinsintl.comor faxed to (708) 547-2283. Please be sure to include return information on all email or faxed requests.

US Customs Information  – download PDF

  • General information regarding importation of household effects into the United States of America
  • Additional information can be attained through contact with your Bekins International Representative

Prior Notice on Import Shipments: Itemized Food or Alcohol Products  – download PDF

  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Prior Notice program requires all importers of food items to provide prior notification regarding food items being imported
  • Complete form as directed, for questions or assistance please contact your Bekins International Representative toll free (800) 361-1266

Declaration for free entry of unaccompanied articles (Customs form 3299)  – download PDF

  • Complete items on form and please direct any questions to your Bekins International Representative toll free (800) 361-1266

Supplemental declaration for unaccompanied personal and household effects  –download PDF

  • Complete items 1 through 14
  • Numbers 15 and 16 should be left blank and will be populated by the shipments forwarder.
  • For number 17, select “B” for Importer
  • Sign and date the form. Use your name as it appears on your passport

Customs power of attorney  – download PDF

  • Sign and date this form, use your name as it appears on your passport. This completed form is necessary to clear your shipment through Customs in the United States

These forms: Customs Power of Attorney, Supplemental Declaration, Form 3299 and passport copies are needed to clear your shipment through US customs. Bekins International strongly discourages the importation of food items within your household shipment; however, if items are included we must receive the prior notice form from above. Please return these completed forms and provide copies of your passport to your Bekins International origin agent.