Transit Protection

Bekins is committed to providing the highest quality of moving services to your transferees.  However, occasionally damage does occur.  For your transferees’ peace of mind, we offer full value transit protection called “For All It’s Worth”™.

Your employees will not have to worry about damage to their goods.  With “For All It’s Worth”™, a damaged item is replaced at its’ full value, without depreciation.  This coverage extends to pairs and sets.  If one item in a set is broken and cannot be replaced, we will replace the entire set.

By offering this extensive valuation coverage, your transferee’s stress is mitigated knowing their possessions are protected by full replacement with zero depreciation valuation or repair.

High Value Coverage:

Bekins has developed special procedures for preparing and shipping items of high value.  Items of high value are considered to have a value in excess of $100 per pound.  Items typically considered to be of “high value” include items such as jewelry, furs, antiques, crystal, silverware, gems, precious metals, art and coin collections, oriental rugs, tapestries and collectibles.

If you decide to include high value items in your shipment, you must notify your Bekins representative before packing day or moving day, as you will need to complete and sign a “High Value Inventory” form.  This form is needed to list your high value items so that you are assured that your articles are not limited to minimum liability.  The High Value Inventory form will list signatures, serial numbers and manufacturer’s marks.  You may also want to photograph or videotape the high value items being shipped.  You will be required to sign this document as well.

When you pack your own goods, do not seal any cartons which contain high value items since the driver loading your shipment must be able to verify that the items listed on the High Value Inventory form are contained in the carton.  On moving day, the driver will seal the carton and assign an inventory number in your presence.

This process was designed to fully protect your special items.  Be aware that the valuation coverage option you select will determine the method used in any claims settlement.  Before any settlement, you will be required to furnish verification of ownership and proof of value.