Bekins offers a variety of moving services tailored to the needs of your transferees.  These include programs such as guaranteed service, full value transit protection and programs for relocating employees that are receiving a lump sum or direct reimbursement for their moving expenses.

Guaranteed Service

Bekins commits to specific pick up and delivery dates on moves exceeding 5,000 lbs. (depending on your rates and services agreement), so that your transferee can make realistic plans and return to productivity as quickly as possible.  This eliminates excessive lodging and storage-in-transit costs and gets your employee back to the office in a timely fashion.

Transit Protection

Bekins is committed to providing the highest quality of moving services to your transferees;  however, occasionally damage does occur.  For your transferees’ peace of mind, we offer full value transit protection called “For All It’s Worth”™.

Your employees will not have to worry about their goods.  If an item is lost or damaged during their move with Bekins, our  “For All It’s Worth” full value protection offers them the full replacement value of items at today’s replacement cost, without depreciation up to the dollar amount of value they declare, or repair.  In addition, this coverage extends to “pairs and sets”, where if one item in a pair or set is damaged beyond repair or is lost and an exact replacement cannot be found, we will replace the entire set.  The cost of this protection depends on the declared value of their shipment and the deductible they choose.  This option gives them the peace of mind they need to be assured that if anything happens, they are protected.